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How to Progress your Career: Invest in Strength Coaching

Feeling stuck in your career is a common feeling. But it doesn’t make it a nice feeling. Being bored or not sure what the next move is can be a challenge. Maybe you lack the confidence to apply for the next big role? When it comes to making progress in your career, it is all about being aware of what you want to create. We can’t always do that alone because we don’t have the tools, that is why when you invest in strength coaching, you are supported and guided.

Whether you are an expert in your field or ready for the first or next leadership role, strengths coaching can help you to feel confident and secure the right role for you.

When you know what you do best and how you can aim your strengths in your daily life, you are able to create better results in your current role but are also able to find new opportunities that match your strengths.

Strengths coaching also helps you to better prepare for job interviews and sell yourself in a unique and confident way.

Whilst the strengths approach is not a career coaching tool per se, it allows you to understand what it is you enjoy at work and what your unique contributions are – how you can make a difference.

But, do you know how you will get there? Do you know what your strengths are? Do you want to lead a team one day? Whether you do or you don’t, let us show you what it looks like to progress your career.

It comes down to investing in yourself. You don’t have to do this alone.

What is strengths coaching? How can it help your career?

We are often our own worst critics. We compare ourselves to colleagues, friends or even “strangers” on social media and start to criticise what we do, what we look like or what we say.

A strengths coach can help you to see past the self-doubt and focus on what is right about you, your unique sets of talents that are ready to be unlocked.

To give you more insights, individuals who do not get to use their strengths every day report higher rates of boredom and lower energy throughout the day1.

Gallup researchers have discovered that:

  • People who focus on using their strengths are three times as likely to report having an excellent quality of life.
  • People who focus on using their strengths are six times as likely to be engaged in their jobs2.

If we look at ourselves through the lens of strengths, we finally learn to appreciate all our quirks and all of our unique traits and competencies.

A strengths coach challenges the traditional way of self-development – the belief that “fixing” our weaknesses leads to success.

Instead, a strengths coach will help you to focus on your natural talents as a pathway to your goals.

In more detail, a strengths coach can help you to:

  • Understand your talents and how to use them to reach your goals
  • Build your confidence, self-belief and resilience
  • To overcome obstacles, blind spots and barriers
  • Use strengths to enrich your relationships
  • Learn to truly appreciate yourself
  • Learn your own quirks
  • Belief in your own capabilities
  • Gain confidence around what you are good at
  • Learn to accept what might not be in your “zone of genius”
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Benefits of focussing on your strengths for career progression

Whether you are on the job hunt, a leader or an individual contributor to an organisation, there are a range of benefits from knowing and understanding your strengths.

Your strengths during the job search and interview process
  • Help you build the momentum, drive and motivation for the job search
  • Enable you to define your non-negotiables in a job
  • Support you in identifying the right position and work environment for you
  • Help you in preparation for the interview
  • Assist you during the interview to be your best self
  • Empower you to sell yourself with confidence
  • Enable you to start in the new role with self-belief and courage
Your strengths as an expert/contributor in a business
  • Allow you to build more confidence in your areas of expertise
  • Help to understand where you can serve yourself and the company best
  • Assist with going for promotions and new roles and helps you prepare for job interviews in a unique and powerful way
  • Guide and support you with understanding more about yourself and how you work best
  • Create higher motivation, efficiency and joy in your role and life
Your strengths as a leader
  • Help you to build self-awareness around who you are as a leader
  • Allow you to see and understand how your team works and operates
  • Define individualised communication and leadership strategies for each team member based on your and their strengths
  • Assist you with the confidence to delegate what is not part of your strengths
  • Support you in working on your leadership blind spots

When we work on the strengths of each member in the team, we start to see each member of the teamwork in their zone of genius. This has a huge benefit on each individual within the team and the company as a whole.

Invest in a Strengths coach

Once you know your strengths, the key is to start to continuously invest in your strengths, fine-tune your strengths and practice to aim your strengths towards your next goal or challenge.

The formula backed by Gallup CliftonStrengths® explains strengths development in this way:

Talent x Investment = Strength
  • Talent is a natural way of thinking, feeling or behaving times
  • Investment time spent practising, developing your skills and building your knowledge base
  • Strength the ability to consistently provide near-perfect performance

A coach helps you with this. A coach guides you through understanding your strengths, appreciating how they support you in your daily tasks and challenges and also work on how you can refine your strengths to turn them into your real superpowers and fully achieve your personal excellence/full potential.

Strengths coaching is all about getting the most out of your own strengths and working together to unpack how you can best use your strengths to achieve your career (and life) goals. So if you want to progress in your career, if you want to get a certain role, work for a certain company or be a leader within your field – knowing your strengths is important.

Something a strengths coach is trained to help you with.

Strengths-based coaching is used to empower people to get the best out of themselves (including you and your team).

As the CliftonStrengths® data shows those who are assessed on their strengths are six times more likely to be more engaged in their job. They are also six times more likely to understand the opportunities they have to do their best daily and are three times more likely to see and sense an excellent quality of life. Now, who wouldn’t want that? Who wouldn’t want to invest in strength coaching?

Final thoughts

What if you dared to be different?

To own who you are, quirks and all. What if being yourself was, in itself, your superpower? Strengths coaching introduces you to the incredible natural talents that are waiting to be unleashed so you can show up with confidence, trust your own abilities and dare to be courageous.

We will use the CliftonStrengths Assessment for our work together. Anne offers 1:1 Coaching Options – Explore your Strength & Lead with Strength. To learn more about the program, please click here.

Are you ready to invest in strength coaching?

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