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I am passionate about helping businesses in the STEM sector to improve their leadership and culture through Strengths Development and Emotional Intelligence.

I draw from my experience as an Engineer with over 16 years of studying and working in the manufacturing industry.

A few examples of my engagements and projects in the STEM industry:

strengths in diversity leadership coach anne koopmann


This is my innovative award-winning program (Australia’s Most innovative Engineer 2020) for teams. 

I use a Strengths-based approach to foster diversity in teams by focusing on natural talents and moving the focus away from age, gender, and cultural background.

The strengths approach enables managers and team members to appreciate everyone’s strengths, independent of their personality traits or quirks. 

My goal is to grow an understanding of the power of diversity in a team’s strengths. What makes my approach special is that I use LEGO as a facilitation tool.

LEGO® Serious Play® is a science-based methodology to harness an organisation’s collective intelligence to solve problems and improve decision-making. It actively engages and includes every participant, even the quieter ones. The bricks are used as a medium to express complex ideas through building, storytelling and metaphors which makes it easier to speak up about even difficult issues. It sparks curiosity and engages technical employees to open up. This is particularly engaging for technical employees and invites contribution from everyone. 

Strengths training with LEGO, therefore, is a perfect approach to developing teams with an Engineering or technical background.


For 2 semesters in 2020, I worked as a lecturer for the class “Leadership for Innovation” as part of Melbourne University’s Innovation Practice Program.
The Innovation Practice Program at the Melbourne School of Engineering facilitates the professional development of Master’s students and managers from Victorian organisations and teaches them how to lead innovative teams.

lecturer leadership for innovation leadership coach anne koopmann
advisory board member leadership coach anne koopmann


Since February 2018, I have been on the Advisory Board for Swinburne’s Manufacturing Futures Research Institute. Members of the Advisory Board offer advice, expertise and experience to assist the institute in achieving its vision, objectives and strategy. This includes matters relating to specific program themes, relevant industry/sectoral trends, policy, skills and training, business development and market intelligence.


I obtained my Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering and Business Management from RWTH University in Aachen, Germany, before starting my career
at a world-leading rail vehicle and equipment manufacturer. My wholehearted and ambitious approach to people leadership and innovative manufacturing practice
saw me become the youngest engineer in Bombardier’s Australian Leadership team as Head of Quality – within just 6 years of graduation.

In my latest role as Head of Quality for Australia and Southeast Asia, I was responsible for the Quality of all Australian rail projects as well as key projects in Singapore and Thailand, ranging from $330 Million to $4.4 Billion in contract value.

10 years engineering leadership in manufacturing rail leadership coach anne koopmann
young manufacturer of the year leadership coach anne koopmann


In 2017, I was awarded the Victorian Government’s Young Manufacturer of The Year Award for my outstanding improvement initiatives that generated savings of over $2.4 Million in my role as Head of Quality Australia for Bombardier Transportation.


An engaging and heartfelt speaker, I inspire new and emerging leaders to embrace their unique strengths and lead with authenticity and impact. In my powerful keynotes,
I draw on my impressive 10+ years of global senior leadership expertise in Engineering, my scientific insights on Emotional Intelligence, NLP and Strengths Coaching
as well as my personal stories of people leadership, redundancy, and entrepreneurship to shatter limiting beliefs about who, or what, a ‘Great Leader’ should be.

I am passionate about using my experiences to teach and uplift, and my in-demand topics include Resilience, Emotional Intelligence, Strengths-based Leadership, Team Development, Women Leadership and Diversity in STEM.

speaking at stem events leadership coach anne koopmann
leadership coach anne koopmann
Hi, I’m Anne

As an award-winning senior engineering leader, University lecturer and leadership consultant with international
and multicultural work experience, I offer a unique perspective on working with your STEM organisation.

I am a certified CliftonStrengths, Emotional Intelligence and NLP Coach & Facilitator and hold a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree
in Mechanical Engineering and Management.

I am also bi-lingual in English and German, and am the perfect facilitator for your international teams and organisations.

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Based in Cologne, Germany, I’m your ideal bilingual facilitator for your next team workshop,
event or leadership development program in English and German.
Delivery can be arranged for locations in Germany and the rest of Europe.

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