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Lead Like YOU! – The key to your Authentic Leadership Brand

Being yourself is a powerful thing! What if you dared to be different?

To own who you are, quirks and all. What if being yourself was, in itself,
a superpower? In this keynote, I share the power of Courageous Self-Leadership
and how leading with authenticity, strengths and Emotional Intelligence is the key to influencing and inspiring teams in today’s disruptive world. I will share my own inspiring stories of how I almost quit my first big leadership role before stepping into my true authentic self and owning who I always was meant to be.

New and emerging leaders, senior leaders, high potentials, professional workers, business leaders, and entrepreneurs.

Play to Your Strengths

What if instead of trying to fix our weaknesses, we learn to accept ourselves, quirks and all?

What if we started to focus on our strengths and embrace our uniqueness?

In this inspiring keynote, I will share how playing to our strengths has the power 
to achieve our own definition of greatness. 
The audience will learn practical steps to create impact and inspire others based on being their authentic self.

For everyone who has ever struggled with low confidence in their role, felt like an imposter or fell into the comparison trap, this keynote is for you. I will help you identify your unique strengths and bring out your confidence, so that you can put your best foot forward in any area of life.

New and emerging leaders, senior leaders, high potentials, diverse audiences, women in leadership, professional workers, students, business leaders, and entrepreneurs.

play your strengths leadership coach anne koopmann
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Resilience and Resolve – The power of Self-Leadership in Times of Change

The world of work is always changing. With every day comes an exciting opportunity to create, innovate and evolve. But with change comes a challenge:
How do we adjust to the new realities we create? How do we bounce back from life’s adversities and turn them into opportunities for growth? As an experienced leader in STEM and specialist in emotional intelligence based leadership, I am living proof of how the challenges we face and the choices we make next can shape
us as stronger, authentic and resilient leaders. I will share my own powerful story
of how I overcame challenges in my own career and redundancy at the end
of my maternity leave period only to discover a whole new world of opportunities for myself.

New and emerging leaders, senior leaders, high potentials, professional workers, women in leadership, business leaders, and entrepreneurs.

Step Forward, Be Bold

It’s one thing to say you’re a leader, and another to BE a leader, and put words into action. Quite often, the most crucial points in your career will come down to two things: opportunity and initiative.

Often as emerging leaders, we might feel a little overwhelmed, sometimes stuck and even paralysed. How can leaders overcome the fear and turn it into the courage to take action with more clarity and purpose? 

In this keynote, I introduce the concept of being BOLD and how to take courageous action to get unstuck.

New and emerging leaders, women in leadership, business leaders, and entrepreneurs.

be bold leadership coach anne koopmann

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Hi, I’m Anne

An engaging and heartfelt speaker, I inspire new and emerging leaders to embrace their unique strengths and lead with authenticity and impact. I am an award-winning senior engineering leader, university lecturer and leadership consultant based
in Cologne, Germany. 

In my powerful keynotes, I draw on my impressive 10+ years
of global senior leadership expertise in a male-dominated environment, my scientific insights on Emotional Intelligence
and Strengths Development as well as my personal stories
of people leadership, redundancy, and entrepreneurship. 

I am available as a keynote speaker, host or MC for your next conference, plenary session, break-out session, workshop
or facilitated event.

Work With Me
Based in Cologne, Germany, I’m your ideal bilingual facilitator for your next team workshop,
event or leadership development program in English and German.
Delivery can be arranged for locations in Germany and the rest of Europe.
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