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The Courageous Leadership Podcast

podcast leadership coach anne koopmann


podcast leadership coach anne koopmann

The Courageous Leadership Podcast supports emerging leaders to gain the confidence to step up and lead with impact, authenticity, and emotional intelligence.

The journey up the leadership ladder requires technical experts to continuously shift the way they work
and think.

Often, emerging leaders are not provided with the coaching or training needed to build their leadership capabilities quickly.

I believe that we all have the power to drive change to create a world where we can celebrate our differences.

Through this podcast, I want to reach more individuals and empower each and every one of you to believe
in yourself, build your leadership and communication skills and become courageous leaders.

Are you ready to Lead Like You?

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leadership coach anne koopmann
Hi, I’m Anne

I am a leadership coach, consultant and speaker. I work with individuals and organisations to empower courageous leaders
and teams through a unique combination of strengths-based development and emotional intelligence.

I have a diverse set of skills that gives me a unique edge in the coaching space. I am passionate about helping people to recognise, embrace and harness their unique strengths so that they can lead a more authentic and fulfilling life.

Work With Me
Based in Cologne, Germany, I’m your ideal bilingual facilitator for your next team workshop,
event or leadership development program in English and German.
Delivery can be arranged for locations in Germany and the rest of Europe.

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Team Development, Facilitation & Speaking

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leadership coach anne koopmann
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I regularly share practical leadership tips about being a courageous leader, communicating effectively, and building human-centred and successful teams.
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