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what team building activities should your company do leadership coach anne koopmann

What Team Building Activities Should Your Company Do?

As a leader or a member of a team, the art of team building and team building activities allows you and your team to work more effectively together. We see it in the sporting arena; teams train together, hang out together after matches and play together. It is an environment where each player gets to know their teammates really well.

In the workplace, this looks a little different. That is why we need to spend time focusing and planning team-building activities. Finding the right team building activity can be a challenging task. It depends on the outcome you would like to achieve – let’s explore a few options to help you find the perfect solution for your team.

What is team building? 

Team building is an ongoing process. Team building starts with getting to know the people in your team.

It is all about getting to know how they work, how they communicate and what their strengths are. And of course, you want it to be a fun experience, and it is! When you get to know your team members on a different level, it works to build trust and opens your team up to learn more about the person they sit next to every day.

Examples of team building might include:

  1. Special social events like Escape Rooms, team sporting events (Go kart racing, 10 pin bowling, (mini) golf, football/ soccer, sailing), dinners, BBQs or family days.
  2. Workshops or “lunch and learns” around various topics including Emotional Intelligence, Growth Mindset, Wellbeing etc.
  3. Team development days
  4. Strategic planning days to help with goals and targets within the business (mixed with team building activites)
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All have the benefit of getting to know one another, building trust and help to work together as a team.

The benefits of team building

Team building is a great way to get to know everyone you work with. You do spend most of your time with one another, so it is great to learn more about who they are, what motivates them and what doesn’t. There are many benefits of team building:

Team building:

  • Improves communication
  • Increases productivity
  • Builds trust
  • Increases motivation
  • Boosts creativity
  • Improves wellbeing
  • Creates fun

What if I told you there was a solution that encapsulates all of these things and you can do it all in one?

Getting the most out of team building

A process that builds trust and understanding on a deeper level, so not only get to know each other but also understand how they think and work best?

Think about this, what if you knew that Amy in your team had a dominant “communication” strength. She loves to write, speak and tell stories. Amy is in your team looking at spreadsheets all day every day, instead, she can be used to help amplify the company’s message on social media or can be a leader for all your presentations.

But you also know that Amy likes to be communicated with, this means if she sends emails to people in the team, you can all know replying to her to acknowledge the email will make her feel more at ease. Can you see where this is going?

Learning the strengths of those in your team is an extremely effective way to build a better understanding of those you work with. After all, you spend more time with your team than you do your partner or family.

What does team building through strengths look like? 

Understanding and learning the strengths of those in your team allows for each individual to discover what they do best and learn how to develop their talents. Of course, when this is done in a team, they also learn the strengths of those around them.

A team-building session or team-building workshop uses the strengths assessment to empower diversity and builds appreciation for what is right with each individual/team member and not what is ‘wrong’ with them.

What makes good team building activities is the ability for it to suit the needs of the team and the organisation. With strengths building there should be a range of different options for you to choose from, including 1:1 coaching for the individuals and leader as well as a collective team strengths workshop. The workshop can have a specific focus, build trust and improve communication.

What do you need to know about team building through strengths? 

When it comes to team-building exercises and team-building leadership activities, strengths is not just about sitting in a boardroom sharing ideas and talking. It is a way to learn more about the person who sits next to you on a much deeper level.

It is about understanding the quirks and talents of everyone. A strengths-based approach helps everyone see, understand and appreciate commonalities and differences of each other.

Here are some of the best things about strengths building:

  1. It is FUN! It is about using activities to get people up and out. Utilising things like LEGO® to play to everyone’s strengths. It is about discovering what you find fun in your job.
  2. It is inclusive and positive. Finding strengths in each person isn’t labelling anyone in a negative light. It is all about discovering everyone’s power and abilities! It’s about including each team member and empowering them to own their own strength.
  3. It’s a day with purpose! After a team building workshop using strengths, there is purpose and structure. Team members will leave with knowledge and purpose not only about themselves but others within the team and the common way forward.

A team-building session focusing on strengths is beneficial well after the workshop or day.

Here are some stats we think you will find interesting:

  • People who focus on using their strengths are THREE TIMES as likely to report having an excellent quality of life and SIX TIMES as likely to be engaged in their role.
  • People who learn to use their strengths every day have 7.8% greater productivity[1].

Need we say more?

How do you organise a strengths workshop? 

The award-winning program built by Anne helps organisations move away from the command-and-control management style to creating a culture that focuses on people’s strengths and development.

Research has shown that when people know, understand and use their strengths daily, they feel less stressed, are more productive and more confident. Working in your strengths also leads to higher engagement and more effective self-development.

Anne uses the CliftonStrengths Assessment to support this work and always uses the most effective facilitation tools (i.e. LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®) Online and in-person options available.

What does a day with Anne look like? 

A Full Day Team Strengths Workshop (in-person) or 2 Half Day Online Workshop Sessions are on offer.

During this day/the sessions, we will deep dive into the strengths profile of each individual and the collective strengths of the team. It is a highly interactive session that uses a variety of facilitation tools (i.e. LEGO®, team building exercises etc), that builds trust among the team members.

Together the team will define strategies on how to best work together towards the common team and company goals. Team members learn to value their strengths and start to build a culture of diversity and inclusion.

Additionally, a 1:1 Coaching Session with each team member (online/in-person) is a great way to support each employee to fully understand, appreciate and utilise their strengths. We will develop strategies on how their talents can best support them in their role.

The best results for the team are achieved, if each team member receives an individual coaching session before they come together for the team workshop. This provides each individual with time to reflect, understand and fully appreciate their strengths results.

Final thoughts 

Don’t just take your team to the pub or a lawn bowls session to try and generate more team building or bonding. Don’t sit them in a boardroom with no clear direction and no objective for the day.

Implement and organise a team building session through the power of strengths and help your team to unleash their own strengths!

A strengths-based team approach is going to support the team way beyond the workshop and will provide benefits for years to come.

Want to know more about strengths building? Anne provides customised coaching and training programs based on a variety of in-person and online options for the manager, their teams and the whole organisation. Anne uses the CliftonStrengths assessment to support this work.

We will tailor the program to suit your needs. It usually includes 1:1 Coaching for the individuals and leaders as well as our team strengths workshop “Unleash your Team Strengths”. Learn more here.