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As an experienced engineering leader and now leadership consultant with international team leadership experience, I help engineering, technology and other STEM organisations to create a culture that focuses on people’s strengths, diversity and collaboration.

My mission is to change workplace cultures to increase engagement and bring more diversity and emotional intelligence into engineering organisations – the key
to future-ready and innovative organisations. 

I provide customised coaching and training programs based on various in-person and online options for managers, their teams and the whole organisation.

I am based in Cologne, Germany but available for in-person team sessions & speaking across Germany, Europe and the rest of globe.

There are several ways to work with me.

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The working world is in constant change. Leaders and teams have to constantly adapt to new personal and professional challenges and different ways of working in a hybrid world.

In addition, more and more individuals want to be fulfilled, and feel seen and appreciated for their contribution and celebrated for who they really are.

STEM organisations and teams can count on highly-intelligent and technically-skilled individuals. 

But many teams operate as a group of individual contributors, rather than in true collaboration. 

To build highly effective teams, we need to empower each individual to be at their best, while creating psychological safety, and improving leadership, communication and relationships skills. 

With a focus on strengths development and emotional intelligence, we can create a workplace that fosters diversity and empowers your people, teams and organisation to thrive in a fast-paced world.

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1) Workshops & Programs

My award-winning team coaching and development programs are a powerful strategy to enable true team performance, a positive team environment
and a human-centered culture.
Together we create human conversations about what really matters in the workplace and inspire innovation
and creativity and allow every individual to shine as their unique self.

Here are common problems my programs help to solve:

  • Lack of engagement and motivation
  • A negative team culture
  • Attraction and retention of the best talent to reduce costly staff turnover
  • Ineffective communication
  • Lack of collaboration/work in silos
  • Lack of trust
  • Ineffective team leadership
  • Gap in the leadership pipeline
  • Leaders with high technical skills that are lacking leadership skills
How we will work together


During an initial conversation, we will determine
the current state, needs and desired outcomes for your team or organisation.

I will design a bespoke team development program for your team.

Options range from 1h, 2h, half-day, full-day workshops or longer team coaching programs,
as well as 1:1 coaching sessions. (Online and in-person options are available.)

These programs are for teams who:
  • aim to increase collaboration and break down silos
  • are long-standing and want a relationship refresh
  • are new or merging and want to build effective connections and hit the ground running
  • learn how to communicate effectively
  • look for a fun and engaging day to learn together and invest in their relationships
  • want to hit the reset button and rebuild healthy team dynamics
  • aim to increase their Psychological Safety
  • aim to co-create their emotional culture, values, and behaviors

My solutions incorporate a blended approach of  learning, interactive exercises, collaboration, and assessments. 

Tools that I use:

Based on your desired outcomes, I use,
and am certified for a variety of facilitation tools
and Psychometric Assessments.

  • Gallup CliftonStrengths assessment
  • RocheMartin Emotional Intelligence (ECR) Assessment
  • The Emotional Culture Deck, Riders & Elephants

2) Short Training Sessions, Lunch & Learns, Masterclasses or Keynote Speaking

Are you looking to organize a short, inspiring, and highly engaging session
for your team or organization?

I offer the following bite-sized learning options for your next “lunch and learn” or team development event. (Online and in-person options available.)

Session Topics:

  • Play To Your Strengths
  • What About The F-word? (What do we want to feel and not feel at work)
  • Define your Authentic leadership Brand
  • Build Your Resilience Support Kit

For an overview of my keynote sessions, please visit my Speaker Page.

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My Certifications & Education
Some Examples of Brilliant Organizations I've Worked With
leadership coach anne koopmann
Hi, I’m Anne

As an award-winning senior engineering leader, former university lecturer and leadership consultant with international and multicultural work experience, I offer a unique perspective on working with your STEM organisation.

After 10 years of working as a female leader in a big manufacturing organization, I decided in 2019 to use my experience and passion on a wider scale.

I am a certified CliftonStrengths, Emotional Intelligence and NLP Coach & Facilitator and hold a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and Management.

I am also bi-lingual in English and German, and am the perfect facilitator for your international teams and organisations.

Work With Me
Based in Cologne, Germany, I’m your ideal bilingual facilitator for your next team workshop,
event or leadership development program in English and German.
Delivery can be arranged for locations in Germany and the rest of Europe.
Check out my YouTube Channel for practical leadership and team development tips.
Let's chat

Would you like to have a chat about how I can support you, your leaders, team or organisation?

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Grab a coffee and check out my latest leadership tips

I regularly share practical leadership tips about being a courageous leader, communicating effectively, and building human-centred and successful teams.
Whether you like to read or prefer to listen, I got you covered.

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