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The Lead Like YOU! Framework

The Leadership Development Framework

The power to great leadership is to embrace your authentic yourself!

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Are you ready to be part of the leadership revolution in Engineering and STEM?

The secret to high-performing teams in today’s fast-paced and ever-changing world is to build highly engaged and diverse cultures. 

This can’t be achieved by a one-size-fits-all approach to leadership. What people trust and respect
is authenticity. It’s not just what you know but who you are that makes you an inspiring leader. There is no room anymore for authority-driven leadership that uses shame and scare tactics to create results. 

Instead, we need to build psychological safety in our teams to inspire innovation and creativity and allow every individual to shine as their unique self.

People want more of their leaders. They decide who they want to follow and they decide this based on trust and who inspires them. We can create a unique connection to our teams by embracing our uniqueness and authenticity, and with a great portion of courage. Courage to lead by example, be vulnerable, admit mistakes,
have the difficult conversations, and stand by our values.

Courageous leaders appreciate their own unique strengths, celebrate diversity and take action outside their comfort zone. 

To achieve this, leaders have to learn how to lead themselves first before they become courageous leaders
of others.

My unique Lead Like YOU! Leadership Framework combines essential self-leadership competencies with
a powerful leadership toolbox to lead others.

Self Leadership

Unique Leadership Identity

Courageous leadership starts with understanding ourselves, who we are and what we stand for. I work with you or your team to uncover your/their unique leadership identity through identifying your/their leadership story, values, purpose, vision and mission.


Strength coaching is the key to unleashing your full potential and being at your best at work and everywhere else. Together, we develop your unique sets of strengths and turn those into your superpowers to build confidence, resilience and excellence. Strengths-based development for teams creates a more positive dialogue, drives diversity, and increases the team’s overall engagement and performance.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is critical to lead in today’s disruptive world. It helps individuals to manage emotions and behaviours and enables them to build effective relationships and communicate with impact. A well-developed EQ helps individuals to be more resilient and have better self-regulation. 


Courageous leaders know how important it is to invest in self-development, manage their own motivation, set goals and be persistent. Together with you/your team,
we will work on work-life balance, wellbeing, emotional energy and resilience
to be well equipped for any upcoming challenges or goals.

Leading Others

Leadership Toolbox

Courageous leaders lead others with authenticity and use their leadership identity, strengths and EQ in every situation. Together we will work on key leadership skills
to help you/your team prepare and master the most common leadership challenges (performance management, difficult conversations, effective communication, accountability and motivation, etc.).

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Based in Cologne, Germany, I’m your ideal bilingual facilitator for your next team workshop,
event or leadership development program in English and German.
Delivery can be arranged for locations in Germany and the rest of Europe.

Leadership Development

Team Development, Facilitation & Speaking

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Hi, I’m Anne

I am an award-winning leadership and team development facilitator, coach, lecturer, speaker and engineering leader with international work experience in the manufacturing industry.

After over 15 years of living, learning and training in the world
of STEM, business and academia, I founded Lead Like YOU! – my Leadership Development Practice in 2019.

As a leadership expert, I am passionate about driving a leadership revolution and changing workplace cultures to increase engagement and bring more diversity and emotional intelligence into engineering organisations – the key to future-ready teams.

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