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My work with teams and leaders is based on the Lead Like YOU! Courageous Leadership Framework.
An essential part of courageous leadership is to lead from your values.

I am a strong believer that what separates great leaders from good ones, is a strong value-based focus. And since I also believe in leading by example, here are my values:

Courage & Vulnerability

Being a leader takes courage. It takes choosing courage over comfort! Courage, for me, stands for loving and trusting yourself enough to make brave decisions. To take action and show up as your authentic self. It takes being vulnerable, sharing your stories and sometimes voicing unpopular opinions.

From time to time, you have to make others a little uncomfortable in order to create change and call out actions and behaviours that are limiting or not acceptable – both in yourself and in others.

I live this value as a leader by always showing up courageously myself. I share my stories, even the uncomfortable ones (like my redundancy). And I will continuously put myself out of my comfort zone, stay open to learning and continue to be the living proof of a courageous leader.

Furthermore, I will always support my clients to be courageous, take action and move outside of their comfort zone.

Diversity & Equity

The tagline of my business is “Lead like YOU!” It’s all about celebrating your uniqueness and understanding how you can use your unique strengths as your superpowers to stand out from the crowd, drive change, and make a difference. 

In my work, I not only encourage my clients to embrace their uniqueness, but also help them see the beauty in their team members’ strengths. I help teams celebrate their diversity, challenge their unconscious bias and understand the part everyone plays in the big picture and how each individual contributes to the bigger vision and goals. 

Diversity, equity and inclusion leads to better innovation, more creative ideas, and engaged working cultures and makes every individual feel appreciated and seen.

I welcome people of every gender, age, race, sexuality, cultural background and disability.

I am committed to not shying away from leading difficult conversations about diversity and inclusion, and speaking up and challenging others. I am committed to continuously learning and educating myself to do better every day.


Authenticity fosters trust, inspires, and turns team members into followers. We want to be our true selves, share our stories, and be vulnerable. 

We want to be our true selves, share our stories, and be vulnerable. It is all about embracing who we are instead of pretending to be someone else. Individuals decide who they follow, and they decide this based on trust.

I encourage my clients to celebrate their uniqueness. Through strengths-based coaching, I help my clients to see who they are instead of who they are not. There is no need to “fake it” or copy someone else because everyone has this magical uniqueness that allows them to have an impact and contribute to this world.

Personally, I am committed to showing up authentically every day, in my coaching and facilitation, as a speaker, and in my marketing and personal life. I am committed to continuous development and sharing my stories to inspire and build trust with my clients.


As my number 1 CliftonStrengths, Activation is one of my biggest drivers and points of difference. 

I will be your and your team’s mentor and coach, always challenging you to go deeper in your reflection and self-awareness. I will help you see your full potential and support you in discovering your unique superpowers and developing strategic thinking. 

As your coach, I am in your corner, by your side. If you are overwhelmed or feel stuck, I will help you gain emotional clarity and figure out your next steps. I might also give you a friendly nudge to take ownership and take charge of your potential. I will always support you to be your true self, be courageous, and lead with impact and confidence.

Activation is about helping my clients to take action, gain clarity in their emotional chaos and find ways to get unstuck.


Through my work as a speaker and facilitator, I want to create a spark in people – a belief that everyone is perfect in their imperfections. Each and every one of us has the potential for greatness. 

We all deserve to be seen and celebrated for our strengths and unique contributions to society. I believe that what makes you unique, makes you powerful. There is no need to “fix” weaknesses. Let’s teach our children and ourselves that it is essential to build our identity around what and who we are and not what we are not.

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Hi, I’m Anne.
I am an award-winning leadership development facilitator, coach, lecturer, speaker and engineering leader with international work experience in the manufacturing industry.

After over 15 years of living, learning and training in the world of STEM, business and academia, I founded Lead Like YOU! – my Leadership Development Practice in 2019.

As a leadership expert, I am passionate about driving a leadership revolution and changing workplace cultures to increase engagement and bring more diversity and emotional intelligence into engineering organisations – the key to future-ready organisations.

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